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Our Story


We are not drab, dark, somber and scary.
We are not rows of headstones.
We are not backhoes and neglected landscaping.
We are light.
And nature.
We are a gathering place.
We are family reunions.
And a setting for stories told of loved ones.
Of fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers.
We are a chance to reacquaint yourself with friends and distant family.
We are roses and poppies.
Cottonwoods and creeks.
Sculptures and waterfalls.
We are where people remember, and pay honor, in a place where they feel good just being.
We are inviting paths and welcoming people.
We are a place that makes smiles easier to come by at a time when they’re the hardest to come by.
We help to heal. And allow you to remember.
We are beauty and nature.
We are a slice of Colorado in the shadow of the mountains.
We are the promise of a well-kept place for generations to come.
We are Seven Stones.

What We Do


 At Seven Stones we offer a variety of choices for memorials in connection with full burial and cremation placements. Our options include traditional ground burial with a vault and a casket, above ground Garden Mausoleum (coming 2024), and cremation placements in or above ground. We also offer environmentally friendly green burials with or without a casket.

Seven Stones’ memorials are unlike any conventional cemetery headstones, sometimes referred to as tributes or monuments, appearing more like art or sculpture. Our artistic memorials integrate technical innovations with new materials such as glass, stainless steel, weathering steel and local stone, as well as the more traditional granite and bronze. The creativity of each monument reflects the individuality of each person for whom a Seven Stones memorial is crafted.

Every time I come and visit the grounds of this one-of-a-kind place, I admire its beauty, its grace, and its natural wonders. My favorite time of the year here are early summer mornings with the hummingbirds chasing each other around the trees. The staff members are very caring people. Highly recommend Seven Stones!


I absolutely love Seven Stones. The location could not be any better than this. Unique, peaceful and serene. The staff are so warm and friendly. I feel like I'm talking to people I have known for years. I also love that it's modern and different. Nothing like it around. I highly recommend this wonderful resting place for your loved ones.


A peaceful and beautiful memorial botanical garden. Thanks to the kind staff for taking great care of my family during our most difficult time.


I am so thankful for the creativity and restfulness of Seven Stones. My dad is at peace here under the most gorgeous blue glass. I will continue to recommend this place to all who experience loss as they not only treated me well, but they honored my dad. Thank you.


This Place is Amazing. What an incredible concept, to have an inviting beautifully landscapes Garden atmosphere and NOT a cold, regimented, stoic cemetery of the past. I know when my time comes.... this is the kind of environment I would want to spend eternity!


My family faced a difficult time in 2020 with two family members passing away a month apart. In all our looking and searching for just the right place to honor our loved ones, and a place where we felt like it was home, Seven Stones was it immediately! A good friend in the mortuary business directed us there and it was a prayer answered when it was needed most.

Our Community


We are big supporters of bringing our local community together. We host events throughout the year, with summer and fall being our busiest seasons. The gardens are in full bloom during these seasons, the weather in Colorado is ideal for outdoor gatherings, and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop. We have hosted Art & Music Festivals, Car Shows, Gardening Workshops, Business Networking Events, Blood Drives, Celebrations of Life, even a couple of Weddings. We’re proud to play a part of our Colorado community and be known for bringing people together.

Unique Cemetery Options


Meadow View columns at Seven Stones Colorado
Mystic Lawn at Seven Stones
Hillside Estate at Seven Stones Chatfield Botanic Gardens Cemetery in Colorado
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Flower Cutting Workshop at Seven Stones Chatfield Littleton Colorado

Cutting Garden Workshop June 5th

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Please join us to learn how to prepare and create a cutting garden! Betsy from Jared’s Nursery in Littleton, will be our guide as we “dig” in to the essentials…
Time and Togetherness Event May 31 2024

Time & Togetherness Event May 31st

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It is a Time to be Together, to admire, laugh and relax in the beautiful surroundings of Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery.We started our Time & Togetherness concept in 2015…

Free Scattering in Our Ossuary

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  Hello Seven Stones Followers! May is almost here and it’s a special month of reverence and remembrance with both Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. One of our annual traditions…
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