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Groundbreaking Ceremony 2015

In The Beginning


It started with a little idea from Monte Losaw, a life-long resident of Roxborough and original landowner of the now hallowed ground of Seven Stones.  He and his brother, Charlie Piper, and a friend, Don Guerra found CPRA (Doug Flin’s Cemetery Planning Company) online and…as we like to say…the rest is history.  This team of four saw a different vision for the future of cemeteries and believed they could make a difference.

New ideas! New options! New technology! To an industry that is traditional and slow to change, we bring creativity, innovative thinking, extraordinary design and unique options. That’s the Seven Stones Difference.

It’s not just our grounds that are different. Our people are, too. We’re here to help you get through a difficult time with kindness and friendliness. We’ll help you celebrate a life well lived and assist you with all the decisions you need to make in order to share the story in the way YOU want it shared. We do it with a positive approach, compassion, understanding and grace.

Today, our clients are so grateful Monte, Charlie, Don and Doug decided to make a difference in their own back yard in Douglas County, Colorado.  Come tour our grounds and let us share with you our vision for a cemetery unlike any other. Discover our modern choices and wide variety of burial options, including green burials. Hear how we’re integrating technology to help create more meaningful memorials, and learn how we’re creating a place that will stand the test of time.

Becky and Doug Flin at Seven Stones in Colorado

Founding Partner, Doug Flin, with his sister and Cemetery Director, Becky Holm

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature… The assurance that Dawn comes after Night, and Spring after Winter.”

Rachel Carson



Every organization needs a “suit,” and Charlie is ours! Charlie brings an extensive track record as a CEO in sharply accelerating growth businesses. His prior experiences include managing a series of companies in data processing, rationalization, reporting and analytics across a broad range of industries, where he has consistently driven organizational optimization, business alignment and rapid acceleration of market presence.

Douglas Flin Founding Partner of Seven Stones


We try not to brag about Doug too extensively, but he is the creative genius behind Seven Stones. Doug has been a visionary, forward-thinking contributor to the national death care/cemetery industry for more than 20 years. As a nationally recognized cemetery planner and owner of CPRA Studio, he has extensive expertise in cemetery business operations, sales and maintenance.


Don is our “yin” to Doug’s “yang.” With an extensive background in development and finance, Don may not be as creative as Doug, but we love him nonetheless. With more than 20 years of experience in the civil engineering, home building and development industries, Don brings extensive technical, financial and operations expertise to the Seven Stones team. Don is passionate about bringing outside industry concepts to the Seven Stones strategy.


There aren’t very many people who can claim to have envisioned building a new cemetery, but Monte can say exactly that. Through a series of events, Monte developed the idea to build the first new cemetery in Douglas County in more than a century and went about pulling together the partnership to get it done. As owner and president of Losaw Electric, Monte has been deeply involved in all aspects of construction, including estimating, budgeting, bidding, on-site supervision and project management.



Meet Becky, our Director at Seven Stones Chatfield. Becky has a background spanning 14 years as an IT Systems Implementations Manager, where she primarily focused on process improvement and IT systems implementations and support. Becky was also privileged to serve over a decade as an officer in the United States Air Force, commissioned through ROTC at CU Boulder. “I love creating a space for families to heal and employees to flourish.” Her love for all seasons is evident, she finds joy in the renewal of Spring and also enjoys the quiet reflection during Winter’s hibernation. Beyond her professional pursuits, Becky cherishes family moments and delights in the game of golf spending many hours of enjoyment out in nature.


Donna, a dedicated Family Care Advisor at Seven Stones, guides families in finding the perfect resting place, offering compassionate support during preplanning or immediate need situations. “I would have to say that my favorite part of working here is that I get to be with my husband every day. I came to Seven Stones as a widow in need of a final resting place for my husband and I fell in love with the gardens and never left!” Donna believes Seven Stones stands apart, providing a transcendent space for healing amid breathtaking gardens and fostering community through Time & Togetherness events. Her favorite season, Fall, captures her heart with its vibrant colors, mild weather, and enchanting sunsets.


Madie is a Family Care Advisor, Engraving Coordinator, and Event Planning guru at Seven Stones. She is passionate about sharing the vision of Seven Stones and feels blessed to work with our wonderful team helping people daily. Madie enjoys working in her family’s business and values the behind the scenes work that makes a significant difference. She says “What sets Seven Stones apart from other cemeteries is the natural beauty combined with the thoughtful landscaping of the grounds and the care that each team member puts into their jobs.” Madie’s favorite season bridges Summer and Fall, while her favorite event is the Lavender Festival, which has brought new visitors to Seven Stones (honeybees included).



Tim, the Superintendent at Seven Stones, finds joy in cultivating serenity amid nature’s beauty. He works alongside his team to making the gardens a safe haven for families to enjoy. Drawn by its unique sanctity, Tim transitioned to Seven Stones, after working 30 years with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Tim discovered the peacefulness that drew him closer after planning a full-honors funeral for a fallen deputy that lays here. In his new role, he gratefully serves those navigating loss. “Seven Stones isn’t just a cemetery…it’s a unique type of sanctuary where families want to come visit.” —a testament to the special care Tim and the team invest. Embracing Fall, he relishes the colors, cooler nights, and the thrill of Colorado Avalanche Hockey.


Amy, our Lead Gardner at Seven Stones, transforms each day into a canvas of nature’s beauty. From pulling weeds to designing unique spaces like the Lavender and Cutting Gardens, you’ll find her touch everywhere. Amy orchestrates garden workshops and events, sharing her love for nature. During her time as a Recreational Therapist, she discovered the therapeutic power of gardens. A mother of three—Dalton, Preston, and Morgan—Amy finds joy in her most significant role, as a mom. At Seven Stones, she cherishes working with lifelong friends and connecting with families. Amy thinks Seven Stones is beautiful in every season but shines the brightest in Summer. It is a unique cemetery where you can find peace, comfort and light. “I feel blessed to work in nature daily.”


Rob serves as Assistant Superintendent at Seven Stones Chatfield, where he finds fulfillment in aiding families during challenging times. With a background in custom home construction and remodeling, he brings a unique perspective to his role. Working alongside a team of passionate professionals, Rob appreciates the collaborative environment. “Seven Stones is an amazingly peaceful space designed for relaxation, reflection, and contemplation.” Rob particularly cherishes Summer, when the gardens burst with vibrant wildflowers. Rob finds that sunsets are incredible at Seven Stones, adding to the natural beauty of the space. Through his dedication and love for maintaining peaceful environments, Rob contributes to making Seven Stones a haven for all who visit.