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Seven Stones Chatfield is a botanical gardens cemetery and is distinctly different than most cemeteries. People who choose Seven Stones know it is a different experience the first time they set foot in the gardens. To that end, we don’t have a lot of rules. You are free to act the same here as you would at any park. So bring your kids. Bring your dog. Have a picnic. Don’t be afraid to talk and laugh and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. This is a welcoming and reflective place where families can pay respects in a more joyful way.

OUT OF RESPECT to those who are buried at Seven Stones and to those who visit the gardens each day, and to maintain the natural beauty of the gardens, below are the few guidelines we ask you to observe.

Seven Stones Botanical Cemetary
Wildlife at Seven Stones Colorado deer

FOOD may be placed at the gravesite for ceremonial use only. We have lots of wildlife in the area (e.g., Deer, Raccoon, Bear, Coyote, Fox, Snakes and Mountain Lion), therefore, food may not be left at the graves overnight.

CUT FLOWERS may be left at gravesites anytime throughout the year. Recycled vases are available onsite for families to use and re-use.

ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS may be placed from Nov 1 – Apr 1 each year (during Colorado’s colder months). Artificial flowers left at a space between Apr 1 – Nov 1 will be removed and kept for 5 days so the family may retrieve (unless forces of nature prohibit us from returning to the family…e.g., the flowers are damaged and/or blown away).

OTHER ITEMS such as framed pictures, statuary and/or potted plants must be approved by Seven Stones in advance of placement or they are subject to removal by the cemetery at any time. Items must be smaller than 5”x5”. Any items (e.g., sports memorabilia/equipment, stuffed animals, flags, ornaments, and/or statues, etc.) left at placement service may remain for 4 weeks after burial or placement of ashes and will be returned to the family. These types of items that are left at gravesites are permitted only for a short time as they may take away from the natural beauty of these sacred grounds and design of the gardens and could pose a danger to park personnel and/or wildlife during scheduled maintenance of the cemetery.  All fences and rocks (used as borders or ground cover), as well as, garden stakes, stuffed animals, pinwheels, solar powered items and glass/ceramic vases and/or statuary are prohibited.

HOLIDAY DECORATIONS may remain for two weeks.

Seven Stones Botanic Gardens Cemetery purple flowers

ALL PLANTINGS AND LANDSCAPING will be established and maintained by Seven Stones. Special requests for a certain type of plant/tree, to be placed near a space is not guaranteed and must go through a review process to ensure the introduction of plants that will thrive in this environment and blend with the landscaping/maintenance plan.

ALTERATION to the natural landscaping is not permitted.

THEFT OF GRAVESITE DECORATIONS is unlawful and violators will be prosecuted.

must be maintained when driving throughout the gardens.

NON-SMOKING Seven Stones is a Non-Smoking facility.

The cemetery is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

SEVEN STONES is a private cemetery and reserves the right to modify these Rules & Etiquette at any time and to refuse admittance to anyone (or pet), especially those who may pose a risk to themselves, the gardens or other patrons.