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Seven Stones is so honored to have been nominated for the Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch Excellence in Innovation award this year! The winners of each category are determined by the membership; after voting is complete in two weeks, the winner will be announced at the Chairman’s Luncheon on February 3.

As part of the consideration, Seven Stones was asked to answer three questions. Here’s how we described our new cemetery, the first of its kind in the Denver metro area and unique in the United States. We hope you’ll visit and see!

Describe your company/organization in one sentence.

Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery is uniquely conceived to celebrate lives well lived, cultivating a sense of peace and hope that thrives in gathering spaces with fire pits and comfortable seats; memorials inspired by nature and art; and plants, paths and vistas that encourage family and friends to visit often and remember together.

What do you think makes your company/organization innovative?

We’ve cast aside the expected at Seven Stones and given creative new attention to every aspect of burial and memorialization.

The innovation begins with our landscape design, which ensures generations of abundant beauty without taxing natural resources in our arid Colorado climate. We’ve added features that might seem more familiar in a welcoming park or back yard, such as lawn seating, fire pits, fountains and a babbling brook.

Memorials at Seven Stones are not only technically advanced, with QR technology to bring loved ones’ stories to life, but they’re also made of brilliant glass or speckled boulders, competing only with the stunning foothills views for attention.

Seven Stones even has dedicated a portion of our grounds to beekeepers who nurture our natural pollinators. And we offer the most diverse array of burial options available, including green burial.

What makes your company stand out?

Beyond rethinking the design of burial and memorialization, we’ve reshaped the experience. Seven Stones seeks to bring outgoing warmth, normalcy and encouragement to what is often an uncomfortable or even devastating discussion, whether during pre-planning or at the time of immediate need.

Through deep community involvement; on-site family celebrations; regular education on news and options; and the crafting of an uplifting and sustainable place of light and hope, Seven Stones is a new and welcomed resource in one of life’s most significant and universal experiences.