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Kristin Southerden recently helped her mother, Kay, celebrate Kay’s 80th birthday with close family and friends. During dinner, each guest read a question from Seven Stones’ Talk of a Lifetime document. Here is Kristin’s niece, Gracie, sharing her response to the prompt “Describe the most adventurous thing you have ever done, and how did you feel afterward?”  (Answer: “Keeping up with the teenage boys in Lake Powell by jumping off the cliffs into the water!”)

How do you want to be remembered? How do your loved ones?

You may think you know…until you ask and discover the truly rich history and impact of your friends and family.

“You may know what happened on the day you graduated from high school–you could see your parents beaming proudly in the crowd. But have you ever asked your dad what he was feeling that day?

“You have heard the family stories about your parents’ wedding–the minister mispronouncing your mom’s name and the funny song your uncle sang at the reception. But have you ever asked your mom what she was thinking the moment before she started walking down the aisle?”

–”Have the Talk of a Lifetime,” by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council

Explore these experiences together and discover what you can learn about your loved ones. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity! Download the booklet from FAMIC for ways to begin the conversation. We’d love to hear your stories–share them at