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Seven Stones would like to partner with Bonfils Blood Center to offer you the opportunity to save lives by donating blood. Bonfils Blood Center must collect thousands of pints of blood each week to ensure that Colorado has an adequate supply at all times.

We hope to host a blood drive at our next Time and Togetherness event on May 6, from 11 A.M. -3 P.M. But before we can do that, Bonfils needs a commitment from 30 or more donors.

Please click to review the prescreening questionnaire to determine whether you’re eligible to donate. Then, if you have interest and can come to our Time and Togetherness event on Saturday, May 6, respond at and say “Yes, I want to save lives.” Please include any questions you have, too. We will get back to you right away.

Along with celebrating life here at Seven Stones, we’re eager to improve lives. Thank you for sharing this vision!

For general information about blood donor eligibility or for questions about blood donation, contact Bonfils’ Donor Relations department at 303-363-2202, opt. 1.