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Few of us like to think about our own funeral and burial. And even fewer of us actually do something about it. But planning a funeral in advance or having a funeral pre-arrangement plans is an act of love for your family members. You’ve never thought of it that way? Here’s how it can be a great gift to your loved ones:

Planning a funeral and burial in advance saves money.

This is true for several reasons. As time passes, the cost of goods and services generally rises. By selecting a cemetery plot and memorialization now, you’re likely to secure a better price than if you were to wait.

But planning a funeral in advance with the help of professional funeral services can save money in a different sense as well. In the fog of grief, it’s very hard to sort options and compare prices. There’s not much time to make decisions, and they’re often based on emotion rather than logic. It’s common for families to overspend when they plan a funeral and burial at the time of need.

Planning a funeral and burial in advance alleviates a burden.

There’s so much to decide and to do after the passing of a loved one. There are often matters of medical care and insurance, organ donation, family notification, travel and lodging and more to arrange. And it all has to happen so quickly, at a time when loved ones are already struggling with loss and sadness.

It’s such a relief for families when arrangements for the funeral and burial are already made. They can simply implement your wishes and rest easier knowing they’ve done what you wanted. And they can focus on the remaining details as well as taking care of the rest of your family.

Planning a funeral and burial in advance allows for choice.

If you haven’t reserved space in a cemetery, there might not be anything available in your desired area. And if you haven’t identified a memorial, it may take time and research to have something developed. By planning, you and your family can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your first choice is available when it’s time.

Looking for funeral services including a Funeral Live Stream Company and making arrangements for your funeral and burial in advance is truly an act of love for those left behind. It can ease a very stressful time and remove some of the financial pressure. It also allows them to rest assured knowing they’ve represented your wishes. 

Set a timeline today for investigating and evaluating your options, then put specifics in place. If you need some guidance, talk to us at Seven Stones—we’re happy to help you look at your choices, even if they don’t include us. While it may not be something that your family is eager to talk about around the dinner table, they’ll be grateful that you cared and took the time to handle this for them! 

Photo by Thomas Leuthard