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Over the past year at Seven Stones, the new botanical gardens cemetery in the Denver area, our vision has come alive. Beginning with this beautiful landscape, we worked to create the features that make Seven Stones an extraordinary place worthy of an uncommon life.

Enjoy the before and after photos of our construction highlights, and don’t miss the special announcement below!

seven stones welcome center before

BEFORE: Our Welcome Center stood alone in the beginning.

seven stones welcome center after

AFTER: Now visitors are greeted with a winding path and lush landscape.

seven stones view before

BEFORE: The view from our rooftop was more barren this winter.

seven stones view after

AFTER: Over the summer we added trees and walkways leading to the Committal Shelter.

seven stones committal shelter before

BEFORE: The outline of the Committal Shelter begins to take shape.

seven stones committal shelter after

AFTER: The Committal Shelter welcomes families seeking refuge and a peaceful space.

seven stones great lawn before

BEFORE: Our soil was prepared for grass with a rich organic mix.

seven stones great lawn after

AFTER: Our Great Lawn has thrived in the fertile soil all summer.

seven stones niche wall before

BEFORE: Our Niche Wall and Circlestone started with a foundation below soil line.

seven stones niche wall after

AFTER: The outside cladding is nearly complete on the Niche Wall, and soon we’ll be selecting our first sculpture to be placed inside the Circlestone.

seven stones pond before

BEFORE: The excavation for the pond had just begun at the start of this year.

seven stones pond after

AFTER: Now the changing light is reflected in the pond throughout each day.

Please join us to see all the latest changes and experience the natural serenity as we dedicate Seven Stones™ Chatfield 4:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, October 6. All are welcome. Refreshments and tours will be provided.

Visit us at or call 303-717-7117 for more details. Or simply RSVP here and join us!