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Sometimes we’re afraid to ask questions–for fear that we’ll look foolish, because it’s a topic we don’t like to talk about, or because we just don’t know the right questions to ask. So Seven Stones is taking the first step, answering some questions we frequently hear:
What is involved in preplanning?
End-of-life planning can be overwhelming. There are more than 70 details to attend to in the first 48 hours after a death. Fortunately, you can take care of many of these items ahead of time with the help of a funeral home. It’s as simple as meeting with an advisor at Seven Stones to choose the options that best represent you. We also offer a preplanning checklist at to help you begin the conversation.
Why should I preplan?
Preplanning is a gift to your loved ones, removing the burden of countless decisions in a time of grief and stress. It also prevents emotional overspending by your loved ones. It eliminates the potential for conflict and provides a chance to plan together with your family, yet allows you ultimate control over your memorialization. The best thing about preplanning your funeral is that everything will be just as you want it. Not as someone else decides.

But I’m young. Why should I plan now?
Much like purchasing life insurance or setting up a retirement savings account, preplanning provides peace of mind and allows for maximum savings. Like most things, cemetery costs tend to rise every year. So if you plan your funeral now, you’ll save yourself and your family money later. Seven Stones even offers no-cost financing to help you get started.

Is Seven Stones a funeral home and a cemetery? 

Seven Stones is a cemetery for green burial, traditional burial, cremation interment, and pet burial and interment. However, we do not perform cremations or prepare the deceased for burial, as a funeral home would; however, we can refer you to trusted funeral directors in the region that can also offer death cleanup services aside from the usual funeral services they offer. Additionally, Seven Stones frequently hosts unique events to celebrates lives well lived.

What kinds of memorials and burials does Seven Stones offer?

Our stunning botanical gardens provide space for:

  • Traditional ground burial with a casket in a vault;
  • Green burial, in the ground, with no vault, and with the option of a wooden casket or no casket;
  • Cremation interment, above or below ground;
  • Memorialization without burial or interment.

Is Seven Stones affordable? 

We provide a complete memorialization package. When you compare the total cost of burial in other cemeteries, which often includes separate charges for the space, perpetual care, the opening and closing of the grave, the vault, the vault setting fee, the monument, the monument setting fee, the engraving and more, Seven Stones is comparable and very competitive. Each of our memorialization packages even includes a Memory Medallion to preserve your story for loved ones a visitors for generations to come.


I can’t afford to pay cash.

That’s okay! Seven Stones is one of the few cemeteries to offer payment plans and financing for both preplanning and immediate need. We believe that a significant decision deserves such flexibility.

Seven Stones can help you with all your preplanning needs and has options for every family’s budget. We’ll even help you understand the different funeral homes, funeral services and cemeteries that are available to you. We can walk you through every step of the process! Call us today at 303.717.7117 to schedule a time to get together and talk through your needs.

And ask us your questions at Chances are, many people have had the same question. We’re happy to be a resource!