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We get it–planning your funeral and final resting place is not anyone’s idea of a fun way to spend several hours…unless it is.


In truth, preplanning can allow you to make personal choices about your graveside ceremony, or whether you even have a grave at all. The cemetery industry has come a long, long way, with a huge range of artistic memorials and burial options. Our team at Seven Stones Botanical Gardens Cemetery has a great deal of experience with traditional as well as unconventional plans, so we can help you coordinate a service and memorial that truly lets your personality shine. This is your chance to express yourself!


It also alleviates a tremendous source of heartache and worry for you if you become sick…or for your family if you pass away unexpectedly. Grief and urgency are terrible decision-makers, often leading to unnecessary expense. Preplanning your service and memorial also allows you to lock in today’s pricing, rather than waiting until inflation has changed your budget.


preplanning can save time money worryOur downloadable preplanning checklist is a great way to get started, allowing you to see the full range of decisions and options. You can work through this on your own and then bring it in to finalize your choices, or you can simply schedule an appointment with one of our family advisors to talk things over. We’re happy to help you examine all parts of end-of-life planning, referring you to other trusted partners for any services that we don’t provide.


Several families have taken the initiative and made their plans at Seven Stones, taking first pick of our spots in the Colorado foothills and designing their personalized memorials. They’ve shared their relief at preplanning and the unexpected benefits they’ve discovered:


preplanning can save time money worryMarv Bishop

Knowing firsthand the difficulties and hesitations that family members face when planning a funeral and burial for a loved one, I decided instead to plan every detail myself. With the kind assistance of the Seven Stones team, my own process was made that much easier. Every option was explained, and every question was answered. Now that my entire planning process has been completed, I feel greatly relieved, knowing that I have taken a great burden off of my family’s shoulders. In addition, this has become an opportunity for my own personal growth, with the journey toward dying becoming evermore a part of my daily approach to living.


preplanning can save time money worryErick and Michelle Irwin

We recently had a death in our family, and because they had the forethought to plan ahead, everything was taken care of, making it so easy at a very difficult time. We also want our end-of-life planning not to be our children’s responsibility, not to mention a burden at a difficult time when emotions run high. Seven Stones was a perfect match for us!


Seven Stones pricing is very competitive, and financing is available. We encourage you to come in and discover how affordable burial costs in this beautiful cemetery can be. Please call 303.717.7117 or email to schedule a time to discuss the possibilities and secure your space!